The tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis launched a long-overdue national reckoning about the role race plays in America. I hope that this can be a place where we join in that dialogue, eager to learn, grow, and implement meaningful change.

Anti-Racism Resources

NPR - Housing Segregation (6 min)

Policies to Promote Segregation

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Anguish & Action -

Resources from Obama Foundation

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Resources for Kids
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This is a growing list of resources...

I have always been moved by and committed to the causes of justice and equality. I spent my career working hard to improve people's access to opportunities and the bulk of it specifically on closing the achievement gap and ensuring minority children have access to high-quality education and therefore, social mobility. These efforts have had my complete commitment and devotion.

Nonetheless, I have always done this work as an outsider. I have always been able to retreat home to my safe neighborhood, live near a grocery store, have access to public transportation, and afford to move so that my children would have world-class public schools. I am able to navigate the world with nearly as much privilege as one can hold. Despite my years of doing this work, I am still growing in comfort with using my VOICE to advocate on this topic.

I acknowledge that not being a racist isn't allyship, and not being a racist is not nearly enough. I'm using my voice to speak up now because this anti-racism work requires real action if we're going to truly make any change in our lifetime.
All of this is to say that wherever you are on your journey of understanding systemic racism and oppression, you are welcome here. We will continue to grow together. I hope you will engage with the resources above to help us all better understand and navigate our privilege and then use it to end racial inequality. I've started my journey by reading "White Fragility" by Robin DiAngelo and I welcome you to join me.