Jenn's Policy Priorities

We need Jenn in Hartford because she isn’t afraid to prioritize good policies over partisan politics. She has spent her career focused on data-driven solutions to the problems we face, and will work tirelessly to rebuild our economy, strengthen education in CT, protect our environment, and invest in desperately-needed mental health services. Jenn will head to Hartford prepared to stand up for our seniors, fight for gun violence prevention, and invest in transportation infrastructure. Jenn is an independent thinker who believes that we deserve better at this critical moment in time. She embodies strength in character and morals, and is committed to bringing civility and unity back into governance.

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Environmental Protection


Protecting and restoring our environment is essential to our health, safety, and livelihoods. We are witnessing the climate devastation all around our nation with droughts, fires, more frequent and extreme storms, and now even a pandemic. We have been warned about all of these outcomes by environmental experts. Our government must prioritize environmental protections. Every policy that Hartford debates must have a climate-impact consideration.

Streamline the renewable certifying agencies 

➢ Expand Residential Solar Investment Program

To Protect Our Environment We Must:

Update the “Bottle Bill” to ensure plastic bottles stay out of our waterways

Expand public transit and investment in zero-emissions vehicles

Ban Polystyrene containers and packaging and phase out single-use plastics

Ban chlorpyrifos and restrict Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)                                       

  • Maintain existing infrastructure so we can bridge any energy gaps as large plants approach retirement and avoid investments in new 30-year fossil fuel infrastructure that would prolong renewable adoption

  • More effectively tackle energy storage issues so as to “peak-shave”, lowering costs for rate payers

  • Long term projections for renewable industries and jobs

  • Identify jobs with similar skills for unemployed workers 

  • Expand vocational programs/ opportunities in clean energy because 45% of jobs in clean energy production only require a high school diploma

Green Jobs:

Create a workforce needs assessment

Student Loan forgiveness for CT graduates who go into a green energy job in CT and stay for 5 years.                                      


Require Power Purchase Agreements contain a certain percentage of renewable energy and allow for Renewable Energy Credits

Explore a multi-state alliance to help: