Jenn's Policy Priorities

We need Jenn in Hartford because she isn’t afraid to prioritize good policies over partisan politics. She has spent her career focused on data-driven solutions to the problems we face, and will work tirelessly to rebuild our economy, strengthen education in CT, protect our environment, and invest in desperately-needed mental health services. Jenn will head to Hartford prepared to stand up for our seniors, fight for gun violence prevention, and invest in transportation infrastructure.


Jenn is an independent thinker who believes that we deserve better at this critical moment in time. She embodies strength in character and morals, and is committed to bringing civility and unity back into governance.

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Expand Voter Access

Maintaining our democracy requires a lot of participation. We must make it easier for everyone’s voice to be heard and counted. CT has the strictest absentee ballot laws in the country. Covid highlighted for us the importance of removing barriers and ensuring every citizen feels safe casting their vote.

To Support Our Democracy We Must:

Make Election Day a holiday

Offer no-excuse absentee voting                                                 

Allow for early voting                                      

Automatically register citizens when they turn 18                                                

Pursue vote-by-mail as many states have been doing for years