Jenn's Policy Priorities

We need Jenn in Hartford because she isn’t afraid to prioritize good policies over partisan politics. She has spent her career focused on data-driven solutions to the problems we face, and will work tirelessly to rebuild our economy, strengthen education in CT, protect our environment, and invest in desperately-needed mental health services. Jenn will head to Hartford prepared to stand up for our seniors, fight for gun violence prevention, and invest in transportation infrastructure.


Jenn is an independent thinker who believes that we deserve better at this critical moment in time. She embodies strength in character and morals, and is committed to bringing civility and unity back into governance.

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Gun Violence Prevention

Unfortunately, gun violence occurs far too frequently. In fact, it is the second leading cause of death of children and teens in Connecticut. These deaths are entirely preventable with the right legislation in place. We know this because the rate of gun deaths is 7x higher in states with the highest levels of gun ownership than it is in states, like Connecticut, with the lowest rates. In recent years, we have seen a growing consensus among all Americans in favor of stricter gun laws. Now is the time to act to prevent senseless deaths.

To Prevent Unnecessary Gun Violence, We Must:

Implement stringent gun design safety regulations 

 Expand Connecticut's Extreme Risk Protection Order because women in an abusive relationship are 5x more likely to be murdered if their abuser has access to a gun                                          

Raise the minimum age of purchase for long guns to 21 (and follow in the footsteps of several states including: California, Illinois, Hawaii, and Florida)

Implement Threat Assessment Programs in our schools to ensure professionals are in place to intervene at the earliest signs of concerning behavior. (Threat Assessment Programs have been identified by the US

Department of Education as the most effective form of gun violence prevention and substantially reduces the likelihood of students carrying out acts of violence in schools).
Invest in programs working to build relationships between communities and law enforcement to de-escalate conflicts, reduce gun violence, and provide basic support services.