Policy over Politics

In 2009, I pursued a Master's Degree in Public Policy where I acquired a formal framework for analyzing challenges, costs and benefits, using this analysis to develop solutions. After earning that degree from the University of Chicago, I immediately put those skills to use on the ground as a school administrator in New York City. Following that, I was able to analyze data around even broader challenges and develop state-level solutions at the CT State Dept. of Education.


Analyzing data, testing assumptions, gathering stakeholder input, and communicating proposals are exactly what I've spent my career doing. This is precisely the skill set and approach I will bring with me to Hartford because, in my experience, people are much closer together than our current political climate would have us believe and I am confident there is a lot of common ground that can be found. From that common ground, I will work with anyone who is committed to delivering solutions for our community and state because that is altogether the job of a State Representative. I have a proven record of working in this non-partisan fashion on our Board of Education. 


I am committed to focusing on policy and solutions rather than partisan politics.


POLY 9_Policy.png

Masters of Public Policy - University of Chicago

BA, Political Science & Religion - Wellesley College

I want to be a voice for us in Hartford that puts policy before politics.

                                                       - Jennifer