Jenn's Policy Priorities

We need Jenn in Hartford because she isn’t afraid to prioritize good policies over partisan politics. She has spent her career focused on data-driven solutions to the problems we face, and will work tirelessly to rebuild our economy, strengthen education in CT, protect our environment, and invest in desperately-needed mental health services. Jenn will head to Hartford prepared to stand up for our seniors, fight for gun violence prevention, and invest in transportation infrastructure.


Jenn is an independent thinker who believes that we deserve better at this critical moment in time. She embodies strength in character and morals, and is committed to bringing civility and unity back into governance.

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Rebuilding the Economy 

Connecticut has a unique opportunity to rebuild its economy and usher in a suburban renaissance. We must capitalize on this moment where many businesses are fleeing NYC. Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce and want to be in CT to raise their families where their money buys a lot more space, great public schools, and a peaceful quality of life. Companies can downsize their footprint, save on overhead, and be closer to their workers by relocating here.

To Support Our Economy, We Must:

 Reduce red tape making it easier to do business

Offer longevity and growth tax incentives

Collaborate between industry and higher ed or trade training programs to ensure our graduates will be  prepared for the jobs that are in demand

Provide long-term stability around our business sector

Prioritize clear communication between Hartford and our business leaders

Actively market ourselves in regions where people may be looking to relocate

Analyze existing policies for functionality and practicality, and seek out efficiencies wherever we can