Invest in Transportation

Our proximity to New York City is a major driver of our property values. 


Appraisal company Miller Samuel found that every extra minute spent commuting is over $11,000 off your homes sale price. But our Metro North trains are 20 minutes slower each way than they were 20 years ago. 


And, trains on our neighboring lines average a 10 minute shorter commute from stations further from the city than Fairfield is. 


We must do better. I am committed to focusing on policy and solutions rather than partisan politics.



Average AM Peak Commute time from Garrison, NY and Purdys, NY stations is 74.9 minutes. Fairfield, CT is 85.5 minutes.

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Masters of Public Policy - University of Chicago

BA, Political Science & Religion - Wellesley College

I want to be a voice for us in Hartford that puts policy before politics.

                                                       - Jennifer