Education: Moral Obligation & Backbone of our Property Values

Jenn worked in a high school on the west side of Chicago and she was a school Administrator in the most diverse and highest achieving elementary school in New York City. When she and her husband, Nick, moved to CT, she worked for the CT State Dept. of Education as a policy and data analyst.


After 2016, she felt deeply concerned about the state of our country and her kids’ futures so she decided to put her skills to use closer to home and ran for Fairfield’s Board of Education. She has loved serving Fairfield in this capacity and promoting student-centered policies that balance the needs of our district with the town’s financial concerns. 


Jenn has been a voice for the restoration of civility and trust, committed to finding common ground and working from there, and long-term, responsible planning. During her past two years on the BoE, she:


·         Supported all of our teachers' and administrators' contracts to ensure we have the highest quality professionals working with our children

·         Founded and chairs the Finance Committee and their efforts to find efficiencies within the district and the town and to think creatively about our educational investments

·         Advocated for all high school students to learn personal finance as an essential element to lifelong independence and success


·         Championed the elementary level Math Academy so that the district has programming to meet the needs of all our learners


·         Fiercely defended the district’s recommendation to renovate and expand Mill Hill Elementary School to a 504 capacity so that no Southport family has to be redistricted out of their neighborhood school


·         Stood firm in the belief that spending $22 million to make a school smaller, is a financially irresponsible decision


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Masters of Public Policy - University of Chicago

BA, Political Science & Religion - Wellesley College

I want to be a voice for us in Hartford that puts policy before politics.

                                                       - Jennifer