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Public Safety

We all deserve to feel safe where we live, which is exactly why when certain crimes started to tick up during the pandemic, I got to work. I’m proud that CT is the 4th safest state in the nation, and I’m committed to ensuring we continue to stay one of the safest places to live. 

Juvenile Crime

As part of my commitment to public safety, I strongly supported the bipartisan bill we passed this past legislative session tackling juvenile crime. The legislation included provisions that address the specific challenges law enforcement requested while also addressing root causes and prevention. This new law went into effect on Oct. 1 and it:

  • Toughens penalties for vehicle thefts

  • Addresses lab and case backlogs

  • Expands the use of GPS monitoring in some cases

  • Speeds up the processing of court cases

  • Traces firearms to their sources, reduce stolen cars, and reduce violent crime

  • Supports community and public health-led strategies to prevent and reduce gun violence

  • Invests in diversionary programs for at-risk youth and fund increase in staff at courts to expedite arraignments  

In the build-up to this meaningful legislation, I held multiple panels bringing together stakeholders from across the continuum of the criminal justice system including law enforcement, data experts, previously incarcerated, and more. Learn more here:

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