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I would like to encourage everyone – whatever your political affiliation – to vote for Jennifer Leeper so that she can continue the outstanding job she has been doing for us as State Representative for Fairfield & Southport.

Over and above the long list of impressive endorsements she has received for her outstanding record in Hartford during the past two years (she is actively supported by a host of organizations devoted to education, conservation, women’s rights and sensible gun control), Jenn is perhaps the hardest working legislator currently serving in Hartford. She is very obviously hard at work every day; treating what is basically a part-time job (it pays a whopping $28,000 a year!) with a full-time commitment and her full-tilt enthusiasm.

Jenn is not just open-minded, intelligent, thoughtful, honest, caring, and deeply committed to her responsibilities in Hartford, she is also an amazing communicator via frequent and informative emails. I actually feel that I know what is going in Hartford these days, and she is always available to hear whatever opinions I might have on current legislation. She really does want to hear from ALL of her constituents!

It would clearly be a criminal waste of this amazingly committed legislative talent if Jennifer Leeper were not re-elected to another term in Hartford.

- William Schaberg

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