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In-depth Knowledge of Housing Needs

I would like to wholeheartedly endorse Jennifer Leeper for re-election as State Rep. for the 132th District, Fairfield / Southport. Jennifer has an in-depth knowledge of housing needs and the problems that have occurred in our neighborhoods. She has addressed the state housing committee with ideas that would make positive changes to the affordable housing legislation as it stands today. She has come up with recommendations that would help towns add diverse housing stocks, while safeguarding neighborhoods.

Any campaign that says you can just repeal 8-30g without an in-depth proposal to replace it would have no chance of passing, and /or it would be thrown up by the courts. Jennifer has the knowledge to both care for the neighborhoods and for working-class housing. She has come up with numerous proposals to modify 8-30g.

This is a very complex issue that needs to address the needs of rural, suburban, and urban communities. Jennifer has the skills and patience to work with stakeholders from different walks of life to come up with solutions that can help us all.

Why should you listen to me? I spent eight years on Fairfield Town Plan and Zoning. I have dealt with these issues. Jennifer’s a rare person who takes the time to really learn the issues, spends the time to think about solutions and has the ability to bring people together to affect change. I urge you to vote for her on Nov. 8.

- Richard Jacobs

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