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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

RESPECT This must be the foundation of how we engage with one another online and in person. In order for this community to be welcoming and foster genuine, engaged discourse, conduct must be respectful at all times.  TRUTH Truth and facts will be our foundation and this campaign will be characterized by our commitment to it. This commitment to truth is how we will build trust in our work and in our movement. DIALOGUE This will be a place where we encourage real and honeset dialogue. Listening is essential to learning, challenging our assumptions, and creating an inclusive movement. We will listen openly and with respect to others’ perspectives and appreciate that everyone has unique experiences. Our communication style must be thoughtful and purposeful. We control how we engage others and how well we make the community feel heard. SUBSTANCE We will tackle complicated issues, we will be data-driven, we will be committed to compassion, and we invite open and meaningful discussion around these challenges. The purpose of this work is to develop solutions and we will maintain our commitment to this goal. INCLUSION We will make a concerted effort to include a wide diversity of voices and perspectives to inform our own. This diversity makes our work and policies stronger.  HOPE Leave your cynicism at the door. Please enter this space in good faith. We do this work because we believe a better system and a better world are possible. We embrace the joy inherent in this work. HUMILITY Our goal is to create a space where it is safe to take a risk, learn and change course, and admit a mistake. None of us can know everything, and here we embrace a growth mindset.   HUMOR It’s good to laugh and these issues are often serious and tense given the magnitude of the challenges before us, but we will strive to find humor where we can in an effort to lift each other up.  PATIENCE Let’s create space for each other’s learning. This can often be a process- one better facilitated with patience.

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