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  • Jennifer Leeper

The Future of the Exide Property

The most valuable, undeveloped property in Fairfield is about to be developed. Fairfield has waited over 33 years for the old Exide battery factory location on Post Rd to be clean enough to be safely repurposed. Now it is ready!

In imagining all of the exciting possibilities for that location, I decided to pick up the phone and call the developer. We had a lovely conversation, and he is recognizing what I’ve recognized- businesses do in fact want to come here. He said that he’s been in conversation with companies considering moving their headquarters here to Fairfield.

What was brownfield land can now be the home of a new, beautiful HQ. Companies are realizing their workers want to live in CT. They can move their business closer to workers, pay lower taxes, reduce overhead with a smaller footprint, and improve everyone’s quality of life with shorter commutes.

To my mind, taking a lunchtime walk around a yet-to-be developed path along the Exide property overlooking the Mill River and beautiful Southport Harbor make for an idyllic work environment. Additionally, Fairfield being the restaurant hub of the entire Gold Coast means workers can easily enjoy an after-work drink and dinner at any of our fantastic restaurants. Then instead of taking an hour and a half train commute home, people can hop in their cars and be home in 15 minutes.

The development of the old Exide property means more tax revenue for Fairfield, which will offset individuals’ property taxes, and it means more time for people to spend with their families rather than commuting.

The tide is turning for CT, and I am excited to work in the legislature to attract companies here by making it simpler to operate with red tape-reduction, long term stability, and longevity and growth tax incentives. I look forward to optimizing our business climate so as to attract more opportunities just like this one.

Jennifer Leeper

Board of Education, member and Candidate for CT House of Representatives, 132 District

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